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Jet Fuel is specially designed for the Aviation community. The aviation community uses jet fuel for a variety of purposes but mainly it is used for turbine and piston engines jets. These jets, commonly used by private pilots, flying clubs, training schools and crop sprayers. Jet fuel is high quality fuel that is different from fuel used for daily use. This is one of the major reasons the Price of Jet Fuel is higher than any other fuel available in market.

There is a large variety of Jet fuels available in the aviation market, but the most commonly used Jet Fuels are:


The Price of Jet Fuel mentioned above is very divergent from the other. The most commonly used Jet Fuels Are Jet A & Jet B.

Jet A fuel is the same kerosene fuel type which is made for an ASTM specification that is normally available only in Markets in the United States. Flash point of Jet A is the same as Jet A-1. The only difference between Jet A & Jet A-1 is the freezing point. Due to the difference in the freezing point, the Price Of Jet Fuel A-1 is higher than Jet Fuel A.

Jet B fuel is a concentrate with the covering of naphtha & kerosene functions. Jet B fuel is a good alternative for Jet A-1 fuel. Jet B is complex to handle (high flammability), Jet B fuel has a significant demand in cold weather because it performs much better in cold climate. The Price of Jet Fuel B is commonly higher in the winter season because of the huge demand.

Jet Fuel suppliers & brokers have major complexities because of the timely intensification & reductions in the Price of Jet Fuel.

The best way to get rough estimates of the Price of Jet Fuel is first to know about freight on board charges. There are several other factors to be figured out to get the estimated Price of Jet Fuel. Those factors include the quality & availability of the product along with the situation of the Market at the local & international levels, climate conditions and many more minor factors must be considered.

If you are searching for a company that provides the best quality Jet Fuel for each and every type, at an affordable price, then contact CityServiceValcon. We provide for worldwide business services as well as Personal consumer needs.


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