Type of Fuel known as Jet Fuel

Fuel used in the aviation industry is a special type of fuel known as Jet Fuel. Jet Fuel has several different types. But the two most common types of Jet Fuelthat are used all around the world are the A1 and A jet category fuels. Category A Jet fuel is used all across theUnited States of America due to the climatic conditions of the Unites states while rest of the world prefers to use theJet Fuel known as A1. The soul difference between A & A1 Jet Fuel is the difference of their freezing points. Each and every Airline company book their Jet Fuel tanker before scheduling flight to reduce the risk level of the non-availability of Jet Fuel.

It is understood that the increase in the cost of Jet Fuel not only effectsthe budgets of airlines but it effects the whole aviation industry. Jet Fuelconsumed by Private Jet flights is round about one third of the total cost of flying a private Jet. Hence decreasing Jet Fuelcost is One of  the top priorities of the companies that are dealing or manufacturing private jets.

Saving Jet Fueldoesnt have an effect on customer service levels. People that prefer private Jets are only using them due to theirsaving their time and nothing else and we have no intentions to slow down our jets.

Now I am going to mention some ways by which we can reduce the usage of fuel

Usage of Modern Aircrafts

The engine used in old Aircrafts burn more Jet Fuel as compare to new Aircrafts engine. If we calculate the average usage of PrivateFly aircraft of five years, the Jet Fuel Cost of modern aircrafts significantly less than older aircrafts. That’s why many airlines are now replacing their old aircrafts with new one.

Buy Fuel in Advance or Hedge

By negotiation and PR with the Aviation fuel suppliers we have can buy fuel in advance with fixed pricing. By using this formula we can reduce the Jet Fuel Cost.

By following these simple terminologies, we can save huge money and maintain the operations of the company even with a limited budget. Get the maximum benefits in a limited amount of money& take company toward progress.  See more At.


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